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Calling 911 or e911

911 calls from VoIP phones work differently than calls from a landline. For instance, consumers must register their location with the VoIP service provider and keep their location information current, so that your VoIP provider knows where you are if you ever have to call 911. This is particularly true if you take your VoIP with you when you travel.

Additionally, your high-speed modem and VoIP phone will not work if there is power outage (however, this is true also for non-VoIP users who are using regular land-line CORDLESS phones). It is a good idea to have alternative means of access to emergency services. For more information on VoIP and 911 service, you may visit, or see the FCC's Consumer Advisory. 

Note: Your regular land-line CORDLESS phones may not work during a power outage.

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